The Haiti Missionary Support
Group of Southeast Texas
been on the Haiti mission field
for over 16 years.
Mission Efforts
include building schools and
churches used for educational
The Haiti Missionary Support Group of Southeast Texas
The Haiti Missionary Support Group of Southeast
Texas is a Subsidiary of SUCCOUR Foundation of
Southeast Texas
Non-Profit Status
As the parent organization for our Haiti Missionary Support Group,
SUCCOUR--which means "help", is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. SUCCOUR is
also being established in Haiti as a foundation with tax privileges.
The SUCCOUR Foundation of Southeast Texas-Haiti Missionary Support Group was
founded in 1996 with the primary purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ
to Haiti and rendering humanitarian aid. Since the, the foundations' mission has
evolved into providing aid in the form of medicine, preventive counseling, and
improving the present infrastructure of Haiti.
This includes engaging in all activities necessary, useful, or expedient through
operative measures to provide charitable assistance in the form of money, clothing,
food and shelter, and to develop and implement educational programs, and other
self-help programs designed to help needy people in Haiti to help themselves.
Haiti Missionary Support Group of Southeast Texas
Haiti Missionary Support Group
We are currently
accepting donations for
the Haiti Missionary
Support Group's efforts
in light of the
Haiti Missionary Support Group
c/o Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist
501 West Thomas Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640
Ph: (409) 982-5028
Fax: (409) 982-2203
Dr. Randy G. Vaughn
President & Founder
Haiti Missionary Support Group
Southeast Texas
Historical Profile
Since the first visit to Haiti in 1996 to the city of LaPlane, the ministry has expanded
with areas of concentration in the northwest sector of the country covering parts of
Port-au-Prince, Cabaret, mountainous areas and villages, and areas in the plains
near Gonaieve.
Goal #1: Provide the funds necessary to build and sustain a children's

Goal #1: In January 1996, the first team of missionaries traveled to Haiti to
dedicate a children's orphanage, the Ambassadors of Jesus Children's
Home. In addition to donations by the local church community in Port Arthur,
TX, this orphanage was funded primarily by the Foundation. The Succour
missionary teams continue to visit the orphanage at least twice a year and
the Foundation also provides financial support on a monthly basis to offset
the costs of food, clothing education and training in Christina service for the
children of the orphanage. Since 1996, more than 300 children have had
the opportunity to reside at the orphanage. The average age for a child to
enter the orphanage is 4 years and most have remained there until age 18.
Those who remained in the program until their young adult years are not
only giving back to the orphanage, bu they are also now able to better their
own lives. Through the efforts of the orphanage, many of the children and
young adults have developed into productive young men and women.
Present Needs: In the wake of the Haiti Earthquake Disaster, the
orphanage buildings are in need of repairs. Material needs include beds,
mattresses, and materials to repair damage to the physical structures.   

Goal #2: Provide needed medical care for the people of Haiti.

Goal #2: In the fall of 1996, Succour's first missionary medical team was
established consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, ministers, and lay-
persons. Since that time, other professional medical personnel have been
added to include urologists, gynecologists, psychologists, and a dietitian.
Twice yearly, field clinics are held where medical, spiritual and
humanitarian aid is given. Since 1996, more than $5 million dollars in
medicines have been distributed free of charge, and thousands of men
women and children have received medical examinations, diagnosis,
treatment, health educations, limited referrals, and spiritual counseling. We
have established our first remote medical clinic in a village where we have
a ministry base. We have also successfully recruited Haitian doctors and
nurses to help man this medical ministry.
Present Needs: Needless to say, with the events surrounding the recent
earthquake disaster in Haiti, the need for medical supplies is great!
Although physicians has partnered with us in this effort, their work will
not proceed without the proper supplies and medicines to do so.
Donations to this organization will help in this increased area of need,
providing medical treatment to countless members of the Haitian

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